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One on One mentoring

Just imagine yourself learning in YOUR world. Your area, your strategy, your timing, your rules, next to an accomplished mentor that will show you what he does every step of…

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Group accountability meetings

Kyron believes that one of the most important things to becoming successful in property investing is having someone to be accountable to. Lets face it, some people don't need to…

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Strategy Sessions

One of the challenges most property investors face is setting a strategy that is going to allow them to keep buying. The majority of investors buy the property and hope…

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Finance consultations

There is an old saying in property investment: "Your investing plan is only going to be as good as your lending plan." and I couldn't agree with it more. Many…

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Statistics don’t always tell the full story

Oct 02, 2014 | by papul | 0

Statistics work off sales data, not off total property values. So the current median house price doesn’t necessarily reflect the

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Why a Capital Gains Tax is dumb!

Sep 01, 2014 | by papul | 0

Well it is the hot topic of this election, but is the proposed CGT really going to achieve the desired

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