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Kyron’s Companies and Products

The Freedom Investor

Kyron’s personal coaching programme, where Kyron teaches his students how to create freedom and build wealth. The Freedom Investor is online coaching and strategy based education which will help you to become a better property entrepreneur. The mantra of the coaching is to be able to get Kyron’s students out living their dream lives as quickly as possible.

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Cieliro is Kyron’s latest project, born out of the United Nations sustainability goals, Cieliro’s key goal is to improve the living standards of people around the world and ultimately end homelessness. Currently Cieliro is working on 2 different projects:

Kamjana: A financial education platform created to digitalise and demonise the financial education industry, thus making financial education more available and more affordable for more.

Eco Living: Creating sustainable communities, living in sustainable houses – this project is in conjunction with Green School NZ

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