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Kyron Gosse

The Freedom Investor

 Create Freedom, Build Wealth and Do Awesome 

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At the age of 25 when Kyron started investing in Property, he didn’t want to be your typical investor, instead 
Kyron chose to be a freedom investor “Forget investing for fancy cars and beach side mansions, I prefer to invest to create freedom and live life on my terms today”

Now at 28, Kyron travels the world, living in different countries and immersing himself in vibrant cultures whilst maintaining a property business that creates enough cash for him to support his lifestyle. This has given Kyron the time and money freedom to pursue an area that greatly excites him – entrepreneurship, particularly in the property industry. Kyron is in the throws of a startup ‘ideas lab’ called Propertypreneur, that utilises exponential technologies to disrupt the property industry and eradicate poverty. Current projects include 3D printing houses, building an entrepreneurs “Flow” village, crowd funding for property and financial education for all.

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