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Today I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar where the President of the Auckland Property Investors Association David Whitburn; spoke about the next top suburbs.  These areas have a lot of council and commercial investment being poured into them and these are the suburbs that should out-perform the rest of the Auckland market in 2013.

Will have major rezoning, more retail coming in and a lot of council spending in this area

Already a prestigious suburb, Takapuna is being rezoned and will be rezoned to allow for Medium Density Housing.

Massey North:
Probably will not take off until later in 2013, however Massey North will have a lot of farm land rezoned to residential. Massey also has the benefit of the Westgate shopping centre; it is on the motorway and is now connected to the North Shore through the Hobsonville by-pass.

West Harbour:
This will feel the same affects as Massey, West Harbour is predominantly homeowners.

New Lynn:
The changes in New Lynn are already very obvious and it is set to change even further. With rezoning, Lynn Mall is set to get even better – this will push up leases forcing current shops out and bringing around a culture change. New Lynn will also benefit from the ripple effect of Pt Chev and Avondale.

Is considered a great place to raise school aged families. It is also close to the city with not too much traffic.

Will change around the mall area, medium density housing is planned for here, it will be rezoned and eventually the railway will be continued on to the airport. It is also situated between 2 motorways. Look for 2 bedroom houses/units that could be converted into 3 bed room houses/units.

Meadowbank and St Johns:
Will feel the ripple effect from Remuera. St Johns also has the Stonefields development going on which will see a decile 10 school built.

Will see changes, especially between all the development happening in Otara and Panmure, still considered cheap, has a lot of waterfront properties, on the train line.

No longer considered the “Otara” of Auckland, Otara has a lot of money being invested into it by the council. It is also close to Manukau Institute of Technology and the Botany town centre.

Glen Innes and Point England:
Housing NZ is selling up a lot of its houses here. Also the Point England beach is being replenished.

Yes it is small and yes there are actually houses here, but it is well located. It is located close to the airport and Manurewa.

Will be getting a town centre upgrade. It is close to the airport which is a huge job supplier.

This will happen later on in the cycle.


As always, become an area expert in your chosen area before investing.