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and so we come to the last post in the mistakes to avoid series. Hopefully I have been of some help to everyone.

The experts make property sound easy. Everyone of us will have heard a story at some time or another of someone making a sweet profit from an easy deal, naturally this excites us all and we rush into a deal with little pre planning and lose big time.

As most of us are do-it-yourselfers we find it difficult to believe that any body could do the job better than ourselves. How would they know what I want? However by getting as many expert opinions on your side as possible, you can get the most accurate and reliable information as possible. You will learn from mistakes that the experts hav already learnt the hard way and discover little tricks that will make your life and investing a lot easier.

Experts are also normally an expert for a reason: because they have a lot of information and knowledge in one particular subject. Most Kiwis are very hands on around the house, however by getting in a builder for your reno, not only are you saving yourself more time, but you are also cutting down on the risk of making a mistake and raising the quality of the property. Same goes with painting, property finding, financing, accounting and any other property related job you can imagine.

Real Estate can be very passive if you surround your self with a good team and many experts are more than willing to pass on information and advice that could significantly impact your success and experience as a beginner.