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I’m Moving to Holland!

For those of you who have been following for a while you will know that the reason I started investing in the first place is in order to be able to travel whilst earning a residual income.

Well I am so close I can smell it.

As many of you will know, I have a soft spot for European girls. – My first girlfriend was English, I then dated a Germany girl for 4.5 years and now I am head over heals for a cute little Dutchie. Having learnt the lessons from my previous failed relationships I am giving this one everything I have got and moving to Holland for a year.

On top of that Merlijn (Pronounced Mer Line) is also an aspiring entrepreneur and we are setting up our own business aimed at connecting and supporting social entrepreneurs, thought leaders and philanthropists who are on a mission to create a better world.

There will be a new post soon explaining everything we are going to be up to as this new chapter of my life continues.

I am so close to financial freedom that all I need is to find the right property with the return and I am sorted!