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One of the best parts of being on Koh Phangan is hiring a scooter and blasting about the island. There is not that much traffic and the roads are in pretty good condition. All you need to do is hop on, hold on and have lots of banter

Whilst hooning around the island on our scooter we came across Wipe Out Koh Phangan. We put ourselves to the test to see how we could do on the course.
They also had the blob which was well…. lets just say maybe you should watch the videos for yourself.

After reading some of the adventure activities we could do on the island we saw there was Fly Boarding in the North East of the island. So we jumped back on the scooter and headed out to give fly boarding a try. Something that was well worth it.

After arriving back to our Villa in Had Yao I set out to get pizza for dinner only to discover something terrible had happened…

After a week on Koh Phangan, it is now time to move on to a new destination. We have decided to head to Khao Sok national park to go check out the tree houses and floating raft houses.

After 2 weeks of sun, sand and fun, we take the night train from Surat Thani back up to Bangkok where we stay in a fancy hotel in Sukhimvit before it is time to fly out.